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Years 4-6

Our Junior School provides an exciting boy-friendly experience from Year 4 through to Year 6, in a technology rich setting. Everything from our teaching methods to our campus is designed around the needs of boys.

Class sizes are small, so each boy can receive the attention he needs.  Our emphasis on literacy and numeracy ensures boys have a foundation for the challenging senior school years ahead. To help your son discover his passions and talents, he will also receive specialist teaching in Art, Italian, Music and Physical Education.

Boys thrive with structure and routine. We make sure boys know what we expect from them and we help them to take responsibility for their own learning. In this way, they develop independence, initiative, and self-confidence within a safe, secure environment.

We also recognize that young boys have energy to burn; they need lots of room to move, play and explore. Our beautiful grounds and ovals give boys the space and freedom to learn and grow in an open, unrestricted environment.