The Aquinas College Senior School delivers a comprehensive academic program for Year 10-12 students.

Our teaching and learning equips students with the knowledge, skills and values which foster lifelong learning and enhance our boys’ to become outstanding global citizens of the 21st century.

The Senior School at Aquinas College is made up of more than 550 students from Year 10-12.

Our academic program caters for the diversity of our students, with support services for those needing additional help in the classroom or with study, and extension programs which offer learning opportunities designed to challenge and extend higher order thinking.

Students have the opportunity to choose their academic pathway, either ATAR courses or General Pathways, which may also include VET learning.

ATAR courses are typically for students aiming to achieve entry into an Australian university directly from school. The School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) examineATAR courses.

Each course has four units:

Units 1 and 2 (Year 11 units) and
Units 3 and 4 (Year 12 units). Units 3 and 4 must be studied as a pair, as the ATAR examination covers both units.

Students intending to enrol in university study after school should study at least four ATAR courses in Year 12 (one of which must be English/Literature) in order to be eligible for an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank. Universities around Australia use this rank as a selection device.

General courses are typically for students aiming to enter further training (i.e. TAFE) or the workforce directly from school.

Vocational education and training (VET) options may be completed as part of a General pathways course structure. VET study and certification in undertaken while studying at the College. This gives students the opportunity to acquire workplace skills and knowledge through nationally-recognised qualifications from industry-developed training packages or accredited courses while still at school.

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