Every point will count in the competition between Aquinas College, Hale School and Scotch College as they compete for the Headmasters’ Cup during the 2019 sports season.

Wins achieved by all years from Year 7C teams to Senior 1st teams will have equal bearing on the results tally between the three schools and will determine the ultimate Headmasters’ Cup winning school.

Aquinas College Headmaster David McFadden said the original Headmasters’ Cup predated PSA school competitions and was competed for by CBC on the Terrace, Hale and Scotch

Mr McFadden and the headmasters of Scotch and Hale had agreed on a reformatted version of the competition to compete for the coveted cup once again in the 2019 season.

“The original Headmasters’ Cup eventually became the Challenge Cup, which is still competed for on Head of the River day. The new format of the Headmasters’ Cup will see each fixture between our three schools count toward the final tally – each and every student will be part of the cup competition,” Mr McFadden said.

He said coaches and sports staff were encouraging students to try their best, and be inspired by being part of a tradition which stemmed back to CBC on the Terrace.

“In our 125th anniversary year as a College, it is a fantastic initiative to develop good sportsmanship among our boys and strong school spirit,” he said.

The Headmasters’ Cup competition will be held during Term 1,2 and 3. Each time Aquinas College, Hale School and Scotch College have a fixture against one another in Term 1, and the first time they meet each other in winter, every result will be recorded with a win, loss or draw – each team level will have equal weighting in the final results.

The school which wins the direct head-to-head fixture will get two points toward its Headmasters’ Cup tally. Athletics, Swimming and Rowing will see the school with the highest overall standings among the three receive one point toward its Cup total score.

The Headmasters’ Cup winning school will be presented the trophy by the headmasters of the two other competing schools at the end of Term 3 after the PSA Athletics.

“This summer we have over 100 teams and crews competing during Friday and Saturday fixtures. In the Headmasters’ Cup competition each of these boys will play his part trying to gain points for the College, no matter his team or skill level,” Mr McFadden said.

This weekend’s Head of the River and PSA Sports fixture will see Aquinas compete for its first points against Scotch College in the Cup competition.