By choosing to let us know you have included a gift to Aquinas College in your Will, you join friends and supporters of the College in our Veritas Society.

As a member, you will receive a Veritas Society pin and will be invited to special events at the College throughout the year.

When making your gift, you may wish to support an area of College life you are passionate about or leave it to the College for general purposes.  Whether large or small, each gift is unique and personal and will help shape the education of future generations of Aquinas students.

Information for Solicitors and Executors

Legal Name:​Aquinas College Foundation Inc.
ABN: ​​93 078 219 075
Postal Address: ​Locked Bag 11, Bentley Delivery Centre, Bentley WA 6983

Email: ​​foundation@aquinas.wa.edu.au

The type of clause your legal advisor might consider using is:

a) I give to Aquinas College Foundation Inc of Salter Point, Western Australia (ACF), free of State and Federal duties, for general use, (one or multiple of the following options)
The sum of $……………..
….% of my Estate or the residue of my Estate
Life Insurance Policy number………….
Property (details)………………………………        
b) If the gift in the preceding paragraph (a) cannot take effect completely or at all, to the extent that it cannot take effect, I give it to the charitable organisation or organisations in Australia, which my executor considers most nearly fulfils or fulfil the objects I intend to benefit.
c) The receipt of the treasurer, secretary or public officer for the time being of ACF or the beneficiary organisation is an absolute discharge to my executor

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