A new day at Aquinas College begins with our K-12 students making their way to campus in anticipation of the day ahead.

From our Kindergarten students enjoying a bit of extra time with mum or dad in the classroom before the bell to our older students navigating their way to the College independently by bike, bus or train – our diverse student population is celebrated and connected as part of the Aquinas College community.

Early Years students enjoy learning in the purpose-built Early Years Learning area, designed to cater for young learners, with plenty of space to incorporate play-based learning activities while providing a safe and secure area for our youngest students to enjoy with children of a similar age.

As boys progress into the Junior School their daily routine includes structure as well as diversity. Learning may take place in the classroom, or in the College surrounds. Hands-on activities incorporated into learning tasks can help boys better understand concepts and also cater for active minds. With a focus on literacy and numeracy throughout the Junior School curriculum, students are provided opportunities to practice and implement key skills in these areas across all subjects.

Moving into Middle School, young boys are beginning their journey into manhood and are given more responsibilities, taught organisational skills and encouraged to gain independence in their learning. Middle School students are introduced to a structured timetable of traditional subject learning throughout their day and also participate in Veritas character education, music, arts and sports programs.

Senior students have multiple study pathways available – from ATAR courses to General Pathways with VET learning opportunities. An ATAR student may have aspirations to continue study at university upon graduation from Aquinas College, whereas a VET student may aim to gain an apprenticeship after completing introductory Certificates in their chosen field while studying at Aquinas.

Regardless of their chosen pathway, all of our Senior students incorporate academic study with Religious Education, Service Learning, Sport and Culture to gain a holistic educational experience.