Thank you to our community for your ongoing support of the College’s initiatives and adaptions during this time of unprecedented upheaval across Australian schools.

The College’s trial of online learning was well received by parents and students last week. Below is a snapshot of parents’ emails and survey responses following the trials across the College;

Senior School

This is a tough time for everyone. Thank you for taking care of our boys.

I would like to thank all the teachers and staff for continuing to offer high quality education during a time of great uncertainty and fear. We have appreciated your efforts as we are sure you have concerns about your risks and the risks to your families but you are keeping our son on track and aware/concerned about the crisis but not terrified or anxious. I listened in to a couple of podcasts and they looked pretty good; my son appreciated the bits of humour!

Very thorough and professional preparation of subject classes that occurred on Friday. A strong effort was made to personally connect with students – small jokes and sharing emotional and personal feelings cannot be under estimated – well done all.

Thank you to the incredible Aquinas staff for the countless hours, under pressure, that have been spent in pivoting the focus of the teaching delivery to online learning. Your ability to do this quickly and successfully is applauded. Thank you for caring so much about our boys to undertake this project as well as your day-to-day teaching, other work and pastoral care for our sons.

Leading education learning with this initiative allowed me the opportunity to watch my son in the classroom.

Thank you Aquinas teaching staff and support team for providing the opportunity for parents to “get ready” in partnering with you all in the education of our sons through this crisis. We are a team and will work together to do our school and boys proud.

Congratulations to all staff involved in what I see as a successful trial closure.  As a parent of a Year 11, keeping up with the workload with his ATAR subjects is vital if the school is to close. I had reservations on how this was going to play out but after Friday I have confidence in all the staff and the school in ensuring that he will be able to do this. I understand that this is a new way of teaching and the work that would have gone in to prepare for Friday would have been an extra level of what is asked of teachers.

Our son was very impressed with the teachers’ vlogs. The funny introductions really got him into it. We as parents thought the email sent with links to documents about expectations etc. were really useful. Our son did as you advised, stick to times, have a recess break etc.

Your efforts in preparing “remote learning” sessions, podcasts, vodcast, etc, is most greatly appreciated.  My son found it a very novel way to learn, but learn he did!


Junior School

It is so reassuring to know that Aquinas is doing everything they can to support our sons at such a time. I appreciate so much the updates and reassurances. You are doing the most impressive job at what must be a stressful time for staff too.

I really appreciate all the hard work all the staff at Aquinas are doing behind the scenes to make this possible.

Just wanted to let u know my son thought it was awesome today, online live, with yourself and the class. He felt it worked great and was really happy.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for making school still as brilliant as ever despite the world suffering such a dilemma at the moment.