The Aquinas School Advisory Council operates under the EREA Board design.

It works collaboratively with the Headmaster and the EREA Executive to ensure faithfulness to the Charter for Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice Tradition and quality stewardship aimed at offering the best possible learning communities for students attending EREA Schools.

The Aquinas College School Advisory Council has particular responsibilities in these areas:

  • Oversight of faithfulness to the Charter and Touchstones;
  • Approving submissions to EREA in the areas of strategic planning, budget and annual audited statements, capital works and master planning, and oversight of the implementation of these as approved by the EREA;
  • Approving major school policies consistent with EREA policies; and
  • Oversight of compliance with EREA Risk Policy and procedures.

Meet the School Advisory Council

  • Mr David McFadden
  • Mr  Jonathan Murray (Chairman)
  • Mrs Amanda McLean
  • Mr Clive Bingwa
  • Mr Tom Mitchell
  • Mr Michael Prandi
  • Mrs Jane Power
  • Mr Chad Dixon
  • Mr Tim Blackadder
  • Mr Duncan Warlters
  • Mrs Julie Wolseley