It’s set to be a huge day of sport for Aquinas College teams as they face Trinity College at home this Saturday.

1st Volleyball and 1st Basketball, both on top of the ladder, take on strong Trinity sides at the Trinity Sports Centre. 1st Water Polo and Cricket will also play at Trinity. 1st Tennis will compete at Mt Lawley Tennis Club and all Rowing will be at Champion Lakes as per usual.

Supporters are encouraged to cheer Aquinas teams throughout the morning in their red and black supporters gear.

Full details of games are available here or on the Aquinas College app.



1st Trinity Sports Centre 9.45 am

2nd Trinity Sports Centre 8.30 am


1st Trinity Sports Centre 11.15 am

2nd Trinity Sports Centre 8.30 am


1st Trinity College Mann Oval 9.30 am


1st Trinity Pool 10.15 am

2nd Trinity Pool 9.30 am


1st Mt Lawley Tennis Club 8.30 am


Seniors Champion Lakes- Scotch Regatta 8.30 am