Calling all oarsmen and rowing community members – past and present – it’s time to get back in the boat and help us build the new Aquinas College Boat Shed.

The Aquinas College Foundation will host an official launch of the Boat Shed Appeal on Friday 3rd May. Past and current rowing parents are invited to attend this special event which will mark the beginning of the campaign to fund the development of the new Boat Shed on the shores of Aquinas.

The official launch will be followed by a series of Rowing Reunions across the generations of past rowers within our alumni community, from those who graduated last year, to rowers of last century – each will be invited to attend a reunion dedicated to particular leaving year groups, including the 1950s, 1960s-’70s, 1980s-’90s and 2000s-2010s. Each reunion will feature pre-drinks in the current Br N.N. Wilson Boat Shed, canapes and a two-course meal. 100 per cent of profits from the event will benefit the Boat Shed Appeal. Click here for further details of the events.