The Aquinas College Strategic Plan calls for the development of Christian Leadership in all of our pupils.

We aim to develop young men who will have the knowledge, courage and conviction to uphold moral values, strive for social justice, serve others and aim to be Christian leaders in their homes, communities and throughout their lives.

This has seen the recent implementation of new student leadership programs in Junior, Middle and Senior Schools.

These programs emphasise the College values of Faith, Justice, Service, Respect and Excellence and require participation in College life.

As a result, in 2020 we have new student leaders in each of the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools.

The College Prefects have been elected from those students who have completed the Senior School Leadership Program. Each student will be responsible for management and leadership of a committee consisting of Year 9-11 students.

Each committee has a key support staff member and an allocated portfolio. They are charged with establishing goals for the forthcoming year and ensuring that pupil representation and participation occurs during the year.

Congratulations to the following students;

College Captains
College Captain – Kynan Ganza
College Vice Captain – Samuel Collins

Council Captains
Chaney – Samuel Lego
Cullity – Declan Jefferys
Durack – Luke Egger
Prendiville – Tom McGrath
Academic – Oliver Lego
Advocacy – Dylan Teasdale
Boarding – Joshua Cripps
Culture – Samuel Dixon
Divinity – James Brennan
Service – Thomas Grier
Sport – Ryan Fox
Student Wellbeing – Frank Lei

Click this link to read more about our 2020 College and Council Captains.