The winning entry in this year’s Aquinas College Photo Competition captured the theme of contrast in many ways.

Year 7 Banjo Young’s entry Burnt Black depicted the contrast of straight and curved lines, the sky and textured foreground and contrasts of black and white instead of colour, according to judge Aquinas College’s Paul West.

Mr West commended the composition of the photograph, particularly the relative relationship between sky and land along with Banjo’s chosen viewpoint of the image, taken in close proximity to the ground which further emphasised the subject.

Year 7 Daniel Setiawan’s entry Dusk was named second place winner, the image contrasting light and dark. Mr West said retaining the dynamic sky and bright sunset was technically difficult and Daniel was able to overcome this to produce the final image.

He commended Daniel on the composition of the entry, placing silhouettes against the bright background and his use of compositional
devices such as the rule of thirds.

Many other entries were commended by Mr West for their composition, subject matter and technical elements.