Welcome to new Foundation Council Members

On behalf of the Aquinas College Foundation, I would like to welcome three new members to the Foundation Council:

Ashley Bacon (‘92): Ashley is the Operations Manager at Plum Grove (grain marketing) and the GM/Director of Kalyx Australia (agricultural research). Ashley has two sons attending Aquinas with a third commencing in 2018.

Caroline Bryndzej: Caroline is the Donor Relations and Estates Co-ordinator for the Cancer Council Western Australia. Caroline has one son attending Aquinas.

Matthew Noonan-Crowe (‘99): Matthew is a Partner with Valenti Lawyers and is a member of the Old Aquinians’ Association committee.

Ashley, Caroline and Matthew each bring valuable skills to their Foundation Councillor roles and will greatly assist the work of the Foundation.

I would also like to recognise and thank all the members of our Foundation Council who readily volunteer their time and expertise to set and manage the philanthropic direction of Aquinas College. Their dedication and commitment to Aquinas is sincerely appreciated.

Your Aquinas College Foundation consists of:

  • Peter Bowler – Chairman
  • Julian Lodge – Deputy Chairman
  • Carolyn Walker – Treasurer
  • Michael Hughes (‘75) – College Board Chairman
  • Ashley Bacon (’92) – Foundation Councillor
  • Caroline Bryndzej – Foundation Councillor
  • Matthew Noonan-Crowe (’99) – Foundation Councillor
  • David McFadden – College Headmaster
  • Louise Symonds – Executive Officer

We look forward to working together with our new Foundation Councillors and the entire College community to ensure the long-term success of the College.

Louise Symonds
Executive Officer
Aquinas College Foundation

Back: Julian Lodge, David McFadden (Headmaster), Caroline Bryndzej, Ashley Bacon, Michael Hughes (AC Board Chair) and Matthew Noonan-Crowe
Front: Peter Bowler (Foundation Chairman) and Louise Symonds (Executive Officer)
Absent: Carolyn Walker