The Aquinian

The Aquinian is a weekly newsletter that is emailed to all the Aquinas College current parents.

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Term 3 Sport Fixtures and other Information

AC Athletics Program 2017


Improvements in Teaching and Learning 2017

Insight – Secrets of managing boys behaviour

The New Work Smarts July 2017

Week 4 AC v GG August 11 and 12

MHPCG 2017 July Newsletter

change perspectives when things go wrong

Tennis Coaching Term 3

Week 2 T3 AC Bye week July 28 and 29

AC v TC August 4 and 5

ERCWA Gala Ball Invite



Term 2 Sport Fixtures and other Information

MHPCG June 2017

Week 10 T2 AC v SC 1st teams ONLY 29 June

Week 10 T2 Middle School sport June 30


Week 9 T2 AC v WC June 23 and 24

ERCWA Games & Quiz Night Invite[2]

Week 8 T2 AC v HS June 16 and 17

JMT Donation list 2017 6

Kim Scott Book Launch

MHPCG May 2017


July school holidays flyer

BF Payment Form

JMT Donation list 2017

Week 6 AC v Trinity 1st teams only June 1


Week 5 AC Bye Week May 26 and 27

Parenting through change in family

Week 4 AC v CCGS May 19 and 20


Term 2 Week 3 AC v SC May 12 and 13

MHPCG April 2017

Celebrating Motherhood

AC v WC May 5 and 6

Parenting – Language of independence

Herbert Appel

Payment Form ACFBF


PSBC August 2017

Term 1 Sport Fixtures and other Information

School meetings

Triple P Program 2017 term 2 website details

Week 9 AC v GG April 1 and 2

Moving beyond how was school today

HA Program

MHPCG March 2017

Derby school 3

Mental Tips

Week 8 AC v Hale March 24 and 26

DIgital Rules

Week 7 AC v Wesley March 17 and 18

2017 Student Residential Address Collection

Earning the right

Week 4 AC v SC Feb 24 and 25

Ash Wednesday 2017

Academic Excellence Sem 2 2016

Checklist Raising Teens

Payment Form ACFBF




Week 2 Term 1 AC v Bye Feb 10

Online Canteen

Aquinas Tennis T1 17

1 day workshop

2 day workshop

Digital Social Skills

MHPCG February

Neddies Flyer 2017

Week 3 Term 1 AC v CCGS Feb 17-18

CEOWA Parents Welcome

Digital Social Skills